“Hello, friends!” If you’ve been part of the dearDanison train, that’s how I would normally start off my YouTube videos. If you’re new in the neighborhood, here’s the low down. I started a YouTube channel in 2013 and have been uploading consistently inconsistent over the years. Originally, I started off creating random content such as tags and challenge videos. In other words, I was a total noob and didn’t really have a focus. After falling off multiple times, I made a comeback and started to do more collaboration videos thinking that making videos with others would inspire me to make this a long term commitment. Clearly, I was wrong because I fell off the train again. A year or so later, I made another comeback but this time, American Sign Language was my focus! Aaaaand I stopped after a few months–whoops! Though, I will say I thought I had finally found my niche because this ‘run of videos’ lasted way longer than any of my prior YouTube attempts. Alas, I lacked the motivation and I wasn’t excited to make videos. So where am I going with this you might ask? Guess who’s back! This time, I’m 200% certain that I’ve found my niche and my calling. Calligraphy.

Ever since I was younger, I’ve always prided myself on my handwriting. I mean, heck, I even won quite the number of Penmanship Awards in middle school. I would constantly just doodle words in various fonts that covered my notebooks. People would constantly make the joke and say, “You wrote this?! It looks like this was printed!” So when I reflect on my life, I can confidently say I’ve always been skilled with lettering–I just didn’t realize it formally until recent.

In September 2018, I got engaged! (Woo!) And I, being the wanna-be creative with no actual formal training or having read any material at the time, decided I wanted to hand-address my envelopes, design my own invitations, make my own signage, etc. for my wedding. Figuring that if I was serious about this, I should probably just make sure I knew the basics of modern hand-lettering. So, I took the leap of faith and searched for some material to help me on my way. After a long and tiring Amazon search of .0001 seconds, I landed on a book that would change my life forever–“By Hand” by Nicole Miyuki Santo. I quickly became obsessed! I purchased the recommended materials from the book and practiced and practiced AND PRACTICED. After about two years, I can confidently say my brush lettering skills are pretty bomb.

The year is now 2020, and I’m writing this blog post. I’m currently learning how to do a more traditional style of calligraphy using ink and a pointed pen–more upscale if you will and honestly way more difficult. Wish me luck!

Anyway, this’ll be my blog space where I’ll be sharing any fun updates in life regarding my ‘calligraphy career’ or anything that I want to post because why not? So expect to see posts about projects I’m working on, videos I post on my YouTube Channel, photos of my soon-to-be craft room, tips and tricks on lettering and calligraphy, product reviews, and much more!