Naturally, since my last post was about my beginnings, I wanted to share a bit about where I am now in life as well as my lettering and calligraphy journey.

Although 2020 hasn’t been so great for the universe as a whole, I’d like to say I’ve been gaining some pretty awesome wins in life. This year, I got married, albeit without my family there physically. I closed on my very first house and finally moved in. I passed the first part of my (Certified Public Accountant) CPA Exam. I became a Tombow Brand Ambassador. And I finally embraced my talents and am calling myself an artist with no hesitation! Overall, I’m over the moon about where I am right now.

I am a self-taught artist. I didn’t major in anything like graphic design or animation. I majored in what you would consider the opposite of anything creative–Accounting. Weird, right? I’m confident in my skills. I still have a lot to learn, but I’m at a point where I know I’m freakin’ great at what I do. As I’m typing this, I feel like I might be perceived as conceited, but after all those moments in the past years of doubt, comparisons, and self-deprecating jokes I’d make about my work, I deserve a moment to feel proud.

I’m currently in the process of working out my brand–well brands. I have me, dearDanison, and my business with my husband, Bowtie & Brush.

dearDanison, after its current major rebrand, will be my personal brand that focuses mainly on Lettering and Calligraphy. My ultimate goal is to run workshops, make lettering videos, and eventually make my own book for learning these art forms. In a dream world, I would also love to breakout into the wedding business and be known as a high-end calligrapher for a bunch of famous clients. A boy can dream! The aesthetic I’m going for is bright colors, excitement, and energetic.

Bowtie and Brush is the business I created that my husband and I run on the side. We make custom art including watercolor paintings, wood/chalkboard signs, and other small requests. He builds the things I need. I do the artsy-fartsy stuff. This one still has a lot of room to grow, and I think it’s way harder. I think personal branding is easier for me because–well–I’m me and I’m pretty self aware about my personality, my goals, and yadda yadda yadda. I’m still figuring Bowtie & Brush out, but we’re getting there! I want that natural, cool, calming, and soothing vibe when our customers come to our page. My constant struggle is being able to separate my own personal vibrant style from the more muted style of Bowtie & Brush. If you have any advice, help a dude out!

In addition to working on my brands, I’m still actively trying to ‘perfect’ my craft. I continuously practice my hand lettering, but am putting most of my effort into conquering the infamous pointed pen and copperplate calligraphy. Give me a year, and I can be your go-to guy for super-super pretty envelope writing!

Lastly, I’m working on developing a beginner lettering workshop! It’s coming along together pretty well–just figuring out the actual logistics of people signing up for it, payment, communication, and running the class. I’m really hoping to get it off the ground and running for the month of September, and do a workshop once a month if it goes well! So stay tuned!

But that’s all from me! Hopefully you all have an amazing day, and here’s a friendly reminder, “You’re doing great.”