Burn Out

Who has experienced this? If you haven’t. I am so jealous of your ability to move through life at a consistent pace with the self-control to not always keep pushing.

I am terrible at pacing myself. Especially in this world where everything seems to be fast-moving, constantly changing, and everyone has SUCH A SHORT ATTENTION SPAN, myself included. In the past month or so, A LOT has happened.

Things I’ve been doing:

  • Creating social media content to post everyday
  • Developing a Lettering Workshop
  • Practicing hours a day to get better at my craft
  • Developing my brand(s)
  • Creating/updating a Website
  • Painting/filling orders for Bowtie and Brush
  • Working a full-time Accounting job

And I’m not fully burnt out, but I feel it coming. So this is me saying, “I’m going to be slowing down.” As much as I want to gain more orders for my business, be more active on social media to keep my lovely followers, get this workshop up and running, I’m going to slow down.

Here are things I’ve decided and promised to myself.

  • I’m not going to rush myself, so I’m going to take a few months to really develop my Lettering Workshop. So don’t expect anything releasing until 2021.
  • I’m only going to post 1-3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) on dearDanison.
  • I’m going to only work on Bowtie and Brush orders over the weekend (Friday-Sunday).

I recently just moved into a new house, and I feel like I haven’t REALLY enjoyed it because I’ve been having all these thoughts of constantly doing something for dearDanison and Bowtie and Brush. I mean, I haven’t even done a bath bomb yet!

Also, I’m still studying to pass my CPA exams within the year, so that kind of takes priority–unfortunately. Lettering/Calligraphy is definitely way more fun than Accounting, but just have to get ‘er done! Only 3 more to go! Wish me luck!

In summary, you’ll still see me, but just not every single day. I’ll give you guys some space from my beautiful mug!

One Comment on “Burn Out

  1. You have been blessed with an overflow of ability and compassion for your craft:) taking things a little slower makes sense for all you have going on! Love you💕💕


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