Before getting into the actual industry, I would constantly look at artists and creatives, and ask myself, “How could I even manage to compete with all that talent?”

Simple answer. I don’t have to compete with them.

Over the course of the past three or so years, I’ve realized that this ‘art industry’ feels more like community. Instead of competing and comparing art products and services with that of another, I’ve witnessed countless examples of fellow creatives building each other up! Selfless promotions. Collaborations. Sharing of business tips and tricks. Constant FREE educational resources.

Maybe I seriously lucked out with my networks and not all artists are like that, but I like to believe a majority of us ARE–all working towards the same goal of making more art in this world.

As I work up to solidifying my mark in the Lettering and Wedding Calligraphy world, I’ve received nothing but support and love from friends, family, and more importantly–other Lettering Artists and Wedding Calligraphers! You heard it right! Other artists, who do what I do, support me! Why? At least from my observation, not one artist does “everything”. Even if we offer the same type of service/product, we are not the same person and have the same exact style. I REPEAT. WE. ARE. NOT. THE. SAME. PERSON. That in mind, we work with different clients who have different tastes and styles as well. So instead of making it hard on myself to come up with this product that isn’t “ME”, I’ll just go ahead and refer them to someone who I know can deliver–confidently knowing that they would reciprocate! Truth be told, I wouldn’t be where I am if it weren’t for referrals and support from fellow artist friends.

So I guess what I’m saying is:

Cherish and cultivate those relationships with fellow creatives. Help share their art. Show up for your friends and help them grow! There honestly isn’t anything more rewarding than seeing some random article or advertisement with their name/art and saying to yourself, ‘Hey, that’s my friend!” Supporting others opens so many doors that you wouldn’t even think of!”

– Danison Fronda