Why do I letter? I letter because words are powerful.

Words of Affirmation is also my love language, so it only makes sense that I love making them all fancy and pretty. I love expressing my thoughts in words. I love repeatedly doodling to myself little affirmations to compete with the constant doubt and ‘imposter syndrome’ that I’m very familiar with. I love writing personal notes to people. I love building people up with words. I love when people say, “Thank you.” I love words.

Then, why am I not a writer or a poet? Sentences and grammar are very hard. Instead, I’m more of a one-word or small phrase letterer kind of guy. Famous quotes and song lyrics are also my best friends for lettering.

I like to think of lettering in this way. It’s a way for me to bring more life, more energy, a piece of my personality into a word or phrase. Anyone can say that particular word. But no one will letter that word exactly like me. It’s like I’m giving this letter, this word, this phrase a voice. And every voice matters. Woah. I got pretty deep there. But, it’s true. Words are the basis of spoken languages that we use to communicate with one another. They help us express our frustrations. They help us create strong bonds. They help us fall in love. They helps us change the world.

Give your words that extra voice! Allow yourself to be seen through those lovely letters! If it looks like a letter to you, and looks like that same letter to someone else, you’ve done your job! Nothing else matters. Letters don’t need to be perfect, just like how we all have our own flaws. But we embrace them as a part of the beauty of our unique selves.

Just like we learn new words to add to our vocabulary, it’s all about learning different lettering styles and ways to elevate our letters–our voices.

That’s why I letter, and that’s why I encourage you to letter along with me!