Danison Fronda

Blogger | Artist

Hello! I am a 27 year old Filipino American, living in Winter Garden, FL. I currently work as a Financial Accounting Analyst for the Walt Disney Company, and on the side I do art. I’ve always been creative, constantly just doodling words in various fonts that covered my school notebooks. So when I reflect on my life, I guess I’ve always been hand lettering. I just didn’t know there was a name for it! In September 2018, I got engaged, and I wanted to hand-address my envelopes, design my own invitations, and make my own signage for my wedding. This was when I learned about the official art form known as Hand Lettering. After deciding this, I took the leap of faith, searched for some material to help me on my way, and I landed on a book that would change my life forever. I bought “By Hand” by the lovely Nicole Miyuki Santo. I purchased the recommended materials from the book and practiced and practiced AND PRACTICED.  I instantly became hooked and never turned back!

Ever since I started my journey, I’ve become a Tombow USA Brand Ambassador, an active member of the Let’s Make Art Community, and an Etsy Shop Owner! Currently, I’m working on starting up my YouTube Channel again as well as developing a Virtual Lettering Workshop!


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