First and foremost, I am a Lettering Educator.

Hand lettering takes the form of many styles, but one thing stays the same–it’s done with your OWN hands!

Think of lettering as your handwriting, but as a drawing! My focus is to make you comfortable the basics of how to draw letters so that you can learn how to add–and own–your unique and personal style!

“Learning is the best part!”


Do you have the desire to learn modern hand lettering, but you’re too overwhelmed to start? Fear no more! I’ve created the amazing “Lettering 10FUN” Virtual Workshop to help you start on your journey! This workshop was developed to help create a safe, easy, and educational environment for beginners!

Official Launch in Fall 2021!


On my YouTube Channel, I share weekly videos about my journey as an artist, as well as tips, tricks, and tutorials on the art that I create. With each video, I emphasize that learning is just a natural part of the process, and frankly, it’s the best part. I hope you’ll join me as we learn and become better artists together.


Want a more hands on approach? Feel free to take a gander at my FREE Downloadable Practice Sheets! They range from your Basic Foundation Strokes to Bounce Lettering and Flourishes!