Do you have the desire to learn modern hand-lettering, but you’re too overwhelmed to start? Fear no more! I’ve created an amazing hand lettering virtual workshop to help you start on your journey! This workshop was developed to help create a safe, easy, and educational environment for beginners! The workshop will consist of 10 creatives (at max) including your wonderful self. This is so that you all will have my utmost attention and assistance. The workshop will last approximately 2 hours and will cover all the basics of hand lettering–and other fun lessons! Throughout our time together, we’ll be practicing, chatting, laughing, and creating beautiful artwork! All for $35!

“What’s the catch? Do you need to buy anything to prepare for it?” NOPE! Leave all that stuff to me! By signing up, you’ll receive a Lettering 10FUN Package that will have EVERYTHING you’ll need for my workshop! The only thing you may want to bring along that’s not included is a glass of wine or any drink of your choice!



You’ll receive an abundance of information on the world of hand lettering! I’ll teach you all you need to know about the anatomy of a brush pen, common terminology, the different tools & materials to get started, and much more! Along the way, I’ll be sharing my own tips and tricks I use in my lettering!


My true main focus is to help you build a strong foundation! We’ll be working on drills that you’ll be able to continue on your own after you complete the workshop. But before I send you off into the world to show off all your new tricks, I’ll be helping you create your very own masterpiece!


I’m a dork at heart, and always down for a dad joke or a great pun! I mean, look at what I’m naming my workshops! I want this workshop to be a fun and judgement-free zone. We’ll share a bunch of laughs, silly accidents, and encouragement from the rest of the workshop takers. This is a safe space!


By signing up for a Lettering 10FUN Workshop, you will receive a package delivered to your front door! The package contains the following items that you will need for the virtual workshop!

  • (1) Workshop Workbook
  • (1) Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen – Hard Tip
  • (1) Tombow Dual Brush Pen
  • (1) Pencil
  • (1) Final Project Kit
  • (1) Virtual Workshop Information