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Where I Am Now

Naturally, since my last post was about my beginnings, I wanted to share a bit about where I am now in life as well as my lettering and calligraphy journey. Although 2020 hasn’t been so great for the universe as a whole, I’d like… Continue Reading “Where I Am Now”

Elemental Virtues

Courage. Friendship. Love. Knowledge. Reliability. Sincerity. Hope. Kindness*. This was definitely a fun project to create–especially when the world seemed to have turned upside down. [Skip this next paragraph if you don’t want to realize how much of a nerd I am.] This idea… Continue Reading “Elemental Virtues”

Where I Started

Over the past year or so, I’ve received messages from friends stating that they were thinking of getting into lettering & calligraphy, and asking how I started and what I used as a beginner! For those who are in a similar boat, this post… Continue Reading “Where I Started”